Scent and Your Sex Life

Scent and Your Sex Life


Our sense of smell is one of the most closely connected to desire. Sure, looking at something beautiful can stimulate desire, but can anything get your heart aflutter, or your mouth watering, like a scent? It's a powerful aphrodisiac in its own right.

Scent is evocative. Not only are you smelling a particular scent in a given moment, you're calling up memories of ever other time you've smelled that, or something like it. And it's not just flowers and warm gingerbread that can call up simple desire - the most random odors, even strong bodily odors, can make you feel desirous in complex and even sexual ways, even if they aren't conventionally attractive scents. While the idea that human produced pheromones can trigger sexual desire is a largely unproven fallacy, there's no doubt about it that we are drawn to certain scents. That's the special thing—besides being intimately connected with your memories, scents can also reveal deeply personal preferences that you don't even know you have.

There are tons of fun ways to incorporate scent into your sex life. Believe us, a little scent and ritual can go a long, long way toward creating memories, with yourself or others, that can make your toes curl at the mere thought—or whiff!—months later. 

Read on for some of our fave ways to enjoy fragrance...



Even if your high school boyfriend burned so much Nag Champa that it's burned into your brain for eternity, you can still enjoy some fine incense. And you might be surprised at how lighting a stick before a little self-love session can enhance the mood!

We carry Province Apothecary's all-natural essential oil incense because the scents are strong and suggestive, but not heavy or overpowering. Try their Black Spruce + Fir Balsam, Cedar Wood or Lavender, all gorgeous.



Pretty much everyone loves getting a massage, and it's one of the most generous ways you can display physical affection for a partner. Using a massage oil can not only improve the quality of the massage, making your movements smoother, but using a gently scented one can put you both in an even more relaxed and potentially sexy headspace.

Province Apothecary does it again with their aphrodisiac Lover's Oil, a blend of rose, cedar, jasmine, ylang-ylang and other luxe organic essential oils that will get your head spinning in a good way. For external use only, this massage oil is made with a light base of fractionated coconut oil that soaks easily into the skin, making it feel soft, supple and not greasy. If you're flying solo, try rubbing it into your feet—or anywhere, really!—for a relaxing self-massage.

If you're not into massage or just want some good skincare, we can't recommend Fat and the Moon's Bod Oils enough. Love Thyself is one of our all-time favorite scents: the mix of vetiver and clove essential oils is at once earthy and heady, and definitely makes us feel sexy every time we use it.



Candles are going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Every single shop seems to carry an array of luxury bougies that cost upward of $60 apiece. We love candles in the bath and the bedroom, but who can afford to go through that many expensive candles, especially if you like wax play!?

You'll notice we only stan for one candle brand, Wary Meyers, and that's for a good reason. On top of being cult favorites, their playful scents (like Violet + Pink Peppercorn) and accessible price point are what you might call a win-win situation for everyone. Hand-poured by a husband and wife duo in Maine, Wary Meyers candles are like little labors of love in and of themselves!



Sure, you could just pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the tub...but why not get some soothing, skin-perfecting kaolin clay in the mix? We carry two of Fat and the Moon's bath soaks, Clary Sage and Lavender Self-Care and Rose Geranium Soothe. Both are sweet scents designed to help you feel calm, comforted and one with your bod. 

Hot tip: For an ultra luxurious experience, our Self-Love Bundle comes with a bath soak of your choice, an Iroha Mini vibe and some limited edition Zenbunni chocolate. The Luxe Edition comes with a candle, too ;-)


What are your favorite scents and ways to enjoy them? Let us know in the comments :~)

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