Falling Hard for the Sola Sync

Falling Hard for the Sola Sync

Among vibrator devotees, there is nothing like a good wand. Seriously, though, if you love a consistent, dependable toy that’s always there for you, and makes you cum so hard it might as well be magic, look no further than these all-powerful toys.

One of the newest additions to the shop is the Sola Sync. The first-ever wireless remote massager, the Sync was launched a couple of years ago and has gained a steady, devoted cult following ever since.

The only downside to some wands is that they can be—well, kind of heavy duty. Clunky. Not intuitively designed, and need to be held a certain way. Not gonna name names, but who wants to lug around a giant vibrator that weighs more than a pound?

The Sola Sync’s lightweight, ergonomic design is nothing short of revolutionary in the wand market. With absolutely no loss of power, this ten-function wand weighs in at about half the heft of its competitors. The smooth, curved platinum silicone handle lays flat against your body, so when used on the genitals, you can focus more on experiencing toe-curling orgasms than holding the thing in place. (Fun fact: one of the most popular wands on the market wasn't even designed for masturbating, so this baby blows the competition out of the water in the design category.)

This wand is so flexible, it can be used in any situation, solo or partnered, at home or on the go. Apart from the smooth, rounded head, which is literally flexible, the remote control means that you can ride it and control the speed, or hand the controls to a partner for a more continuously pleasurable experience. There are controls on the handle as well, so you've got plenty of options. It’s also fully waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath—not a bad addition to your morning routine!

The Sync’s vibration patterns are strong—like, REALLY strong. Five speeds and five patterns mean there is something for just about everybody—if more intense vibrations aren’t your thing, the first few settings are sweet, but if you’re power-hungry we think you’ll enjoy the stronger, more resonant vibrations at the higher end of the setting spectrum. These vibrations are so strong and so good, you can pretty much feel them inside.

This wand also works great for other, non-erotic kinds of massage. The extra-long handle makes it perfectly suited to soothing those hard-to-reach places on your neck, shoulders and back, without having to ask someone else for help. (Self-sufficiency for the win!) 

The Sync comes with a USB charger cable, plug and a dust-proof bag for storage. And last (but definitely not least), it also comes with a whopping 5-year warranty! So if anything happens to your Sync, the company will send you a brand new one, free of charge, for up to 5 years. Seriously, most relationships don’t even last that long—that’s what we call customer loyalty.

So, what do you think—ready to take this baby for a spin? Get the Sync in the shop now 💜💜

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