Between The Sheets | Camille Chacra of Allume

In this latest installment of Between the Sheets we're talking to Camille Chacra, purveyor of all things chill at Allume, a gorgeous, one-stop shop for cannabis lifestyle essentials. Allume was founded by Camille in Montreal—represent!—and we recently had the pleasure of hosting a Pleasure Pop-Up together. 

We found a lot in common as women in the pleasure product space, and couldn't wait to take the conversation further in the Journal. Read on for Camille's thoughts about entrepreneurship, how cannabis products have helped her and others find more comfort in their lives and sexual experiences, and her go-to treat when she’s alone with the munchies...



Hi Camille! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Let's just say I never in a zillion years imagined I'd dive into the cannabis industry without any hesitation. In a nutshell, I started off in journalism as a radio producer. I really enjoyed it and still do a little freelance writing on the side, but at a certain point, it was time to move on. I just wasn't passionate about it anymore, which often happens in life. So, I ended up crossing over to the "dark side" and began my career in PR! Although it never completely fulfilled me, my colleague Alessandra made the stress of the job worth it and taught me so much about marketing. I'd say that from these two significant experiences, I gained the tools to enter the next stage: entrepreneurship.


What made you decide to launch Allume, and how is it operating as a woman in this business space?

It's always fun to tell this story because it makes me think of those trashy 2000s teen movies. About one year ago, my boyfriend dragged me to a house party, which isn't really my scene. Thank heavens for him, though... ends up he did the right thing! Anyway, I was sitting among fellow tokers and an acquaintance asked if I could pass him his shoebox. When he opened it, I was mesmerized (or looking back, maybe just really stoned); his herb and accoutrements were beautifully laid out and compartmentalized. I thought to myself Ok, I need to create a curated box with beautiful lifestyle accessories. For the first time, I was beyond jazzed about an idea and just ran with it. 

Since then, I've come to discover an incredible community of #womeninweed, filled with cannapreneurs trying to make their mark. It's empowering to be in this space since there's a collective effort to nurture each other's ambitions and encourage even more women to claim their piece of the pie. The industry has long been an "old boys club", so this is our time. 




You have an awesome assortment of products for solo use, but they also can be shared or make great gifts for friends and partners. Is this intentional, and do you think cannabis makes for a good bonding experience?

Thank you! I wouldn't say it was intentional since I curated the items based on other factors, but I do strongly believe that bonding is synonymous with cannabis. Although a solo sesh is enjoyable, sometimes, you just want to share the moment with some old pals, new pals, lovers, family members and what not. Interesting conversations, laughter and munchies equal true bonding in my book! 


Do you think that cannabis can be beneficial to our sex lives?

The relationship between sex and cannabis has always been super interesting to me. In fact, I dedicated an entire episode of our potcast, Breaking the Grass Ceiling to this very topic. We honed in on the benefits and potential downsides from multiple perspectives, and shared our own real life experiences. There's so much information out there, so I'll try keep it simple!

Essentially, I come from the school of thought that believes cannabis can work wonders for one's sex life in many ways. Firstly, it's an amazing ally for women who suffer from painful vaginal conditions that are exacerbated during sex. We all deserve pleasure, so topical products like Foria for instance, can offer effective pain relief and get the juices flowing! On that note, weed can also get you in the mood. It creates a deep sense of relaxation and enhances sensations. According to Dr. Debra Soh, the sex neuroscientist I interviewed, it can encourage natural lubrication, which is challenging for many. 



What is the role of self-care in your life? Do you use it to control stress, or just be present with yourself?

Frankly, self-care plays a rather limited role in my daily routine! I'm not one to meditate, exercise or even treat myself to a spa day. I'm pretty basic in that regard. I only really see cannabis as the most predominant form of self-care in my life; ever since I began using it consistently, I've become more at ease, productive, inspired and introspective. For me, at the end of a long day, there's nothing better than lighting a joint and binging on frozen berries. Weird routine, but it makes me happy. 


Do you think sex can be a form of self-care?

Absolutely! I think pleasure is self-care and should be prioritized a lot more (if that's something you're open to, of course). As you well know, it's been scientifically proven that sex makes you happier, healthier and greatly reduces stress. You're doing your body the ultimate service by letting it rejuvenate and experience pure bliss. 


Thank you Camille! 🍃 


Follow Camille on Instagram @shopallume. Photos by Vee Mercier.