Astrology, Polarity & Sex Toys

We invited Kaiden Angel, a queer trans metaphysical and body worker located in Montreal, to check in with us this Valentines and select some fun toys for each sign duo. You can catch their weekly readings and connect via Instagram @hii.kiki  

Happy Day to YOU! We kicked off the new year and it's already February.

We started the month with a New Moon joining the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, which only amplified the urge to rearrange and create difference in our spaces, with some new and creative options. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, ended retrograde and joined Venus, planet of relationships, in the sign of Capricorn on February 3rd. The planets both in this earth sign again can bring clarity to the details of plans, more knowledge to our emotional needs, and the tools to communicate all of that to those we call community. Perhaps with the seriousness and urgency that these retrogrades push,  we want to be heard and let those near know our limitations.  Mercury shifts to Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, giving  us the spoons to understand and connect with those close to us, and opening us to a chance to see things for what they are. 

Shortly after, we get to pour ourselves into the full moon in Leo on the 16th, and refill our cups, so to speak.  With a clear and intentional mind,  we dive right into Pisces Season on the 18th.  A dreamy and,  potentially, ungrounding time, where things align and feel more coincidental than we ever thought they could. All that time spent in reflection around how we integrate, communicate and maintain security in hardships and change, focused us to the energy of Aquarius. The water bearer, a symbol of letting things flow. Moving with change and starting new, I invite you this month to witness that unpredictability and welcome the differences that show themselves to you. 

As we have our roundup of astrology, let’s talk about “differences”. I'm talking about polarity! Yep, that's where I'm going. This time of year creates openness for new and exciting opportunities, and maybe getting with a sign that is your polar opposite.

Opposite signs are the ones that are directly opposite of us in the zodiac wheel, give it a google if you don’t know! Polar signs together offer each other a glimpse into qualities and characteristics that, if integrated, could be a benefit to balancing out what's in your chart. Some folks may think otherwise, so if you've already tried it, maybe this isn't for you. In true aquarian energy though, do what you want!

Read for your sun sign to find your opposite and a fun toy that could be for this, maybe, unhinged duo. Take what you want from these readings and what works for you :)

Aquarius and Leo

These two are fixed signs. Air and Fire are a tight duo. When I say fixed, it can mean grounded and unmoving in their values. These two are known for expressing themselves fully. Leo's general fixation can be loosened with Aquarius’ detachment on the “what if’s”. With planets direct, you're both getting on track and seeking familiar hearths. Having the ability to work together, and to keep things heated, might I suggest this toy?

Lora Dicarlo Sway Dual Stimulating Warming Vibrator

Pisces and Virgo

The dream alien and organized fool are an interesting combo. The push and pull of relinquishing control and learning grounding, is a more pleasant match than one might think. This season, for you two, has already brought some more openness to what calming practices you have created to soothe yourself. This toy can offer Virgo an opportunity to learn that someone else can take the reins sometimes, while Pisces can be brought down from the clouds and focus on something other than the magnitude of the universe.

Vedo Magnetic Wearable Vibrator

Aries and Libra 

Outspoken, curious fire joined with an imaginative libra. The two together can need a little more convincing on what needs to be said and what can be left for another time. Libra can gain a stronger voice with Aries, while the fire sign can be the perfect audience to understand what you're working up to say. Aquarius season will be a welcoming time to wrangle those ideas and put thoughts into action. Aries, listen to the details, while Libra, try practicing intentional moves.

Silicone Bit Gag

Taurus and Scorpio 

Earth and Water once again. This season has you both leaving your comforts, just a little. Together you both have the potential to explore deep wells. This pairing is big on pleasure and connection. Retrogrades have you confronting your communications and where your willingness lands. Both of you have been sitting in the darkness for a while and will welcome a little more light and clarity to the situation. Here's a toy that can be a little beacon in the rooms you’ve both been refocusing in.

Lavender Glow in the Dark Plug

Gemini and Sagittarius 

A good way to describe you two is restless and curious. Neither can be tied down for too long and this season will be asking you to put more thought and intention into the plans you find yourself flying into. This air and fire combination can be fuel to a flame when you both have one masterpiece to work on. Try exploring the details together. In dedicating yourselves to learning, maybe you’ll have some fun working with this new medium.

Boundless Rope

Cancer and Capricorn 

Emotive water and action-led earth. Both of you have learnt the hard truths of vulnerability. These past couple of months have had a whirlwind of hard conversations. Having been on both sides of the coin, you could learn a lot from each other.  These two signs want consistency and security, and with time, you can  definitely learn to understand each other. Centring things around the heart and trust this season, this a toy that could definitely be a soft welcome, despite it being stone.

Chakrub Heart Curve Dildo